Next stop: JWT Sydney

It’s always weird to think about the next steps although you didn’t finish the first one yet. That’s how I felt when we had to apply for our following internship just 2 week after start working at AKQA London. On the other hand I was more than happy when I found out what our next stop will be: October the 1st is my first working day at JWT Sydney.

We are still looking for a room/flat/house in Bondi, Pyrmont, Ultimo, Surry Hills, Paddington, Manly or any other area you can recommend. We would appreciate any help as it is really hard to find housing in Sydney.

Upgrade your Dropbox space to more than 20 GB for free

This post will be updated by me every time I discover new options to upgrade Dropbox for free. There is a also german version available.


Dropbox has grown to a really successful and widespread service for backups and sharing. My sister is using it in university, in my former agency we used Dropbox to share project files and now in school we use it to collect all the student works. The only problem: The free account just offers 2GB space in the beginning and that isn’t much if you want to share or save pictures, music or movies. There are several options and tricks available to extend your space (up to over 20GB) for free and without upgrading to a Dropbox pro account.

Extend your Dropbox for free

  • The simplest way is to visit this page and connect your account with Facebook/Twitter and share your love for Dropbox. You will get 125MB for each action.
  • Another very simple option is to share invites and earn 250-500MB for every referral. I started spreading the link 5 months ago and until now I have earned over 10GB with referrals.
  • Students with a .edu email address can double the space earned with referral links. Just visit the Dropbox edu page.
  • Michael Müller wrote a comment in the German article about a new opportunity for students to earn an extra 3GB for two years. Additionally you have the chance to get 25GB, depending on how many students from your school are joining.
  • For owners of brand new Samsung or HTC phones Dropbox offers an option to earn up to 48GB for two years. You’ll find more informations over at their forum.
  • If you use a smartphone, you can earn up to 3GB for free by testing the new upload function for pictures. Just install the update in the app store and confirm that you want to upload your pictures automatically.
  • If you aren’t using Dropbox yet, you have the chance to start with additional 250MB by using this Link.
  • more to come…

Do you know more tips?

If you know any other tricks to upgrade Dropbox for free I would really appreciate your help to keep this post up to date. Just write me a short message or leave a comment.

Kickstarter: Building a searchable archive for all talks of CreativeMornings

I love the concept of CreativeMornings and especially the idea of having a searchable archive with access to all talks of every chapter. Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss) who initiated the global, breakfast lecture series just started a Kickstarter project to realize this.

Tina Roth Eisenberg about CreativeMornings and the problem of not having a centralized platform to show the great stuff which has been produced during the last months:

After attending several conferences over the past few years, I felt like there had to be a more accessible event that was really just about bringing likeminded people together. So, I started CreativeMornings. One Friday morning a month, people in the creative community gather to hear a speaker share their story. The best part is that the coffee, the breakfast, the lecture — everything is free.

CreativeMornings was in four cities only a year ago. Now we are at 34 chapters and span six continents, thanks to our hard working hosts all around the world.

So here’s the problem. 34 chapters means 34 talks every month. We never planned for CreativeMornings to grow like this. We’ve been taping these talks all along, but as of now they are spread across the internet. It kills us that there are videos from hundreds of leading designers, artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, and no good place to see them all.

Back this project

Day trip to Brighton

On saturday my girlfriend, my sister and me went to Brighton for a day trip. With perfect weather we visited the famous Brighton Pier, relaxed on the pebble beach and swam in the sea. A perfect day!

Here are some impressions. (click to zoom)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Marcel already mentioned it: The new Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, will be available today.

Years ago I spent hundreds of hours for CS 1.6 and former versions. Sometimes I started my pc immediately after coming home from school and turned it off at night. I met my friends online. We tried to set up proper training sessions, we studied demos from our favorite teams and organised pcws (practical clan wars) against friends or other teams we found in irc.
We never reached the top but for some weeks we entered the top 100 (of 1500 active teams) of the esl and for us it was a huge success. But even more important: it was fun.

I really like the thought of having a new Counter-Strike because in the last year of my active time Counter-Strike:Source splitted up the big CS-Community into two. I don’t know if CS:GO has the potential to reunite the two communities but let’s give it a try.

Add me on steam.

Please feel free to correct my english in the comments. I’m not a native speaker so there might be any grammar or spelling mistakes in my posts :) I really would appreciate your help.

An alle High Potentials und Key Performer, Global Player und Opinion Leader…

This nice spot (german) is part of the new “Ich bin raus”-campaign for the outdoor brand Schöffel done by Ogilvy & Mather, Frankfurt/M.

Anno is coming to your browser

The first Anno (Anno 1602) released in 1998 was one of my favorite pc games in my youth. I never really played the following parts but I still remember long Anno nights with my friends. The game was simple and complex at the same time: Discover islands, build your own empire and listen to the needs of your people. Fighting was not very important in the beginning. That’s it. Yes, Anno 1602 was a great game.

Anno in the browser

Yesterday Ubisoft Blue Byte* announced they will bring Anno in the browser after they already started the The Settlers Online (browser version of the The Settlers series) last year. I am really excited about this because I think it’s a great idea to combine the old methods of the game with the possibility to play and interact with thousands of other players.
I’m just a little bit afraid that the complexity in Anno and the detailed graphic style could destroy the charm of the first browser games which focused on interaction and very simple graphic elements. But let’s hope. Here is the trailer for Anno Online:

*The publisher of Anno 1602 was Sunflowers which was acquired by Ubisoft in 2007. Blue Byte is a german game publisher who created the famous The Settlers series and was also acquired by Ubisoft, but in 2001. After 2007 they worked as Ubisoft Blue Byte on both games: The Settlers and Anno.

The invisible bicycle helmet

UPDATE: The Hövding, how they named the invisible bicycle helmet, is ready for sale now and costs $600.

Nice story, nice product.

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