Marteria und Paul Ripke in Lukla

Ich freue mich verdammt auf das neue Marteria Album, das am 31.1. erscheinen wird. Und was Marteria und Paul Ripke hier abliefern ist verdammte Oberklasse. Geile Musik und beeindruckende Bilder.

Nominierung für den GOW 2013

Eine schöne Nachricht erreichte mich diese Woche. Das Projekt, bei dem ich für die gestalterische und technische Umsetzung verantwortlich war, ist für den Grimme Online Award 2013 in der Kategorie Information nominiert. Inhaltlich, und … Read more →

What most schools don’t teach


2012 on FRONTAND

This is my first annual review in English. 2013 is already a few weeks old but I think it’s not too late to talk about the previous year. It was a year with a lot … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #6

Do you know Maddie On Things? Funny dog! Kyle Rush gives an interesting look behind the scenes of Obamas fundraising platform. The Smashing Magazine launched the Smashing eBook Library, an annual subscription for the great … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #5

A long interview with Cameron Moll on Valve’s co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell talked about the future of games and he said some very interesting things. Even though I don’t agree with everything … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #4

Another week has passed. Time for my weekly recommendations: Don’t ask, just start with visiting this site :) Smashing Magazine posted a great list of useful talks and videos from web design conferences. As you … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #3

Time is running. Again it’s time for the weekly recommendations, starting with a funny and bizarre video effect: The technique behind it is very simple: The first line of the video is realtime, the second … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #2

This week passed by very quickly and I’m really sorry for not posting any new articles. Now it’s time for my weekly recommendations: On Reddit Peter Moore, the longest held hostage in Iraq (2,5 years), … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #1

In 2010 I started a little, weekly series in which I shared interesting links, articles or videos I had found during the week. I called it “Wochenend-Lektüre“. I don’t know why I stopped it after … Read more →

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