Your entire life is online

To make people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online and to provide information about safe internet banking the Belgian Financial Sector Federation febelfin did this stunt. I really like … Read more →

Microsoft’s impressive IllumiRoom project

I hardly play video games on consoles. I never owned a game consoles and still prefer my computer for gaming. But I am very impressed by an idea from Microsoft called IllumiRoom. It looks like … Read more →

Christmas Giveaway: Velocity by Ajaz Ahmed & Stefan Olander

It has been a pretty great and interesting year here at FRONTAND. I will provide you with some stats and insights next week. Today I want to say thank you. In order to do so … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #6

Do you know Maddie On Things? Funny dog! Kyle Rush gives an interesting look behind the scenes of Obamas fundraising platform. The Smashing Magazine launched the Smashing eBook Library, an annual subscription for the great … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #5

A long interview with Cameron Moll on Valve’s co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell talked about the future of games and he said some very interesting things. Even though I don’t agree with everything … Read more →

Let’s Talk About Soil

Let’s Talk About Soil is a video explaining the issue “of soil resources around the world, covering the issues of degradation, urbanization, land grabbing and overexploitation; the film offers options to make the way we … Read more →

Recommendations of the week #4

Another week has passed. Time for my weekly recommendations: Don’t ask, just start with visiting this site :) Smashing Magazine posted a great list of useful talks and videos from web design conferences. As you … Read more →


I’m a big fan of these short documentaries about crafting and people talking about their passion. I could watch them all day long so I decided to collect some nice examples and recommend some good … Read more →

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