Carlsberg puts friends to the test

In the past years we saw a high number of pranks and tests in advertising for beer brands (like Heineken). But with “Standing up for a friend” the Belgium agency Duval Guillaume Modem created now … Read more →

The Startup Kids

Next Thursday the documentary The Startup Kids will be shown here in Hamburg. Unfortunately I can’t attend but if you haven’t planned anything, I would recommend to get tickets for the later screening (there are … Read more →

What most schools don’t teach


Coffee, Passion and Design.

As you may know I’m really into these videos about passion, crafting and process. Here is another one about coffee roasters. I think the job of a barista is very similar to what we as … Read more →

2012 on FRONTAND

This is my first annual review in English. 2013 is already a few weeks old but I think it’s not too late to talk about the previous year. It was a year with a lot … Read more →

Google’s Project Glass is becoming real

A year ago Google published a video about Project Glass, futuristic glasses with an integrated display and voice control. Now this vision is becoming a real product and Google will start shipping it. At first … Read more →

Finding Vivian Maier Trailer

2 years ago I wrote about the phenomenal story of Vivian Maier. Now there is an official trailer of the upcoming documentary. I’m really excited and can’t wait to see the whole movie.

The Harlem Shakes Dance Meme

Most of today’s internet memes are completly stupid and that’s why we love them. One of the most recent memes, The Harlem Shakes, is this in every way and it’s great. Initiated by the first … Read more →

R’HA by Kaleb Lechowski

R’HA is an amazing short film created by Kaleb Lechowski in his first two semesters at Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin. The 22-year-old Digital Film Design student is showing in an impressive way what’s possible without a … Read more →

Your entire life is online

To make people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online and to provide information about safe internet banking the Belgian Financial Sector Federation febelfin did this stunt. I really like … Read more →

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