I’m a big fan of these short documentaries about crafting and people talking about their passion. I could watch them all day long so I decided to collect some nice examples and recommend some good … Read more →

Polygon landscapes by Timothy Reynolds

I first saw some of Timothy Reynolds’ polygon worlds on Dribbble and I immediately fell in love with this 3D low-poly style. That was about 2 months ago and in the meantime his work was … Read more →

What if money was no object?

An amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts. Just beautiful. In a bit more then half a year I (hopefully) will finish my studies and I’m still not sure what to do after it. What … Read more →

Why I think DDB and “Water is Life” missed a great opportunity with their #FirstWorldProblems campaign

There is one thing I want to make clear right at the beginning. I think the idea of this campaign is ingenious and the way of creating awareness for the problem is extremely smart. I … Read more →

The CreativeMornings talk with Matt Buckhurst and Adam Savage is online

In August I attended a CreativeMornings in London and had the opportunity to see Matt Buckhurst and Adam Savage from FutureBrand talking about the branding of the 2012 Olympic Games. I wrote about it. Finally … Read more →

Anno is coming to your browser

The first Anno (Anno 1602) released in 1998 was one of my favorite pc games in my youth. I never really played the following parts but I still remember long Anno nights with my friends. … Read more →

Is this the future of Augmented Reality?

Everybody is talking about Augmented Reality at the moment. I am sure it’s not just a hype, but a part of our future. But will it be as scary as Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, … Read more →

Feel UX auf dem Sharp AQUOS

Es ist schon sehr beeindruckend zu verfolgen, wie sich Android in den letzten Jahren und Monaten weiterentwickelt hat. So langsam kann es das System auch vom Design her mit iOS aufnehmen. Mir gefällt zum Beispiel … Read more →


Großartige Arbeit von Thomas Bogner für

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

Schon 2005, 2006 und 2008 schickte Stride gum Matt Harding um die ganze Welt um seinen inzwischen berühmt gewordenen Tanz vor den verschiedensten Kulissen aufzuführen. Entstanden war die Idee auf einer Rundreise durch Asien, die … Read more →

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