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A new design for Frontand.de

Finally it’s done. After several starts and delays I managed to finish a project which had been on my to-do-list for a while: Redesigning my blog. It was about time to replace the old design and code. A lot of functions were missing and I wasn’t providing the best user experience.

new frontand.de banner

Responsive Design & Interface

One of the biggest problems was the fact that the design was static. Already 10% of my visitors are browsing on mobile devices so I had to react: The new design is responsive. I am using the basic code of elmastudio’s Meola theme and changed some things and the design. They are doing a really great job.

Disqus & Post Formats

Everybody who is working with WordPress probably knows the issues with spam comments. In the past years I tried different options to solve that problem but nothing could satisfy me. So I decided to give Disqus a try. Disqus is providing a comment-function for every kind of website. It was very easy to embed and they are offering a simple function to import existing comments from WordPress. I’m very happy so far.

Another new thing is the implementation of Post Formats. I will start posting interesting links, thoughts and pictures as single posts and not as collection posts anymore.

What to expect from 2013

The first months of the year were extremely quiet here. This will change. I have a lot of ideas and with the introduction of the new design I got even more motivation to continue.

Also on a personal level this year will become very interesting and important for me. I will finish Miami Ad School next month and I will hopefully start a new challenge soon. There will be a separate post about my school experiences and my ideas and wishes for my new job.

For now: I hope you are enjoying the new design and I would appreciate all your feedback.

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  1. Gefällt mir. Nutze das Meola auch gerne, vielleicht noch ein Autorenbild via Gravatar

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