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Don’t make up and drive

After I criticized advertising last week I want to highlight one of my favorite ads today. I stumbled upon this piece of work last month and I think it’s one of the best awareness campaigns I have seen so far. Funny enough it’s also made by DDB.

The problem: In the UK half a million car crashes a year are caused by women doing their make up while driving.

The idea: To generate awareness for this topic DDB arranged a cooperation between Volkswagen and Nikkie. She is one of the most famous girls on youtube, known for her make up tutorials and beauty tips.

The result:

This campaign is not great because of its execution (slow motion effects have been used a lot in accident awareness campaigns). In this case the timing of the effect is just brilliant and also the setting is perfect to target the specific audience. Great work.

I also recommend to watch the whole case movie and read the comments on youtube: “fuck i fell off my chair”, “I love it! Best awareness video ever!”, …

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