Attention to Detail: displays popular searches

Because of all the mentions of Alibaba’s upcoming ipo I had a look at their website. I spotted a really nice way to display popular search queries only to visitors who are about to use … Read more →

Attention to Detail: Google Application Form

I love the fact that Goole wants to know how you want to be called in case this name is different to the legal name. “Attention to Detail”-Series: In this series I want to find … Read more →

Details machen den Unterschied – Die duftende Bahnhofsunterführung

Es sind oft kleine Details, die das Gefühl beim Umgang mit bestimmten Gegenständen, Diensten oder Umgebungen (im digitalen Bereich meist User Experience genannt) ins Positive oder Negative tendieren lassen. Das gilt in nahezu allen Bereichen … Read more →

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