Condé Nast Editorialist – Future Lion 2013 Winner

This fascinating idea of having customizable magazines was announced as a winner of Future Lions 2013 at Cannes yesterday. I would like to be able to select favorite/different articles and bundle them in individual magazines. … Read more →

Christmas Giveaway: Velocity by Ajaz Ahmed & Stefan Olander

It has been a pretty great and interesting year here at FRONTAND. I will provide you with some stats and insights next week. Today I want to say thank you. In order to do so … Read more →

Sommer, London, Olympische Spiele, AKQA

Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass der diesjährige Sommer sehr gut werden wird! In meinem vorletzten Post hatte ich ja bereits erwähnt, dass ich demnächst ins Ausland gehe und jetzt steht endlich fest, wohin (bisher … Read more →

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