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Apple reveals new design and features for iOS7

Today, on the first day of Apple’s WWDC, we got a preview of how the OS of our iPhones will look like in a couple of months. Tim Cook presented iOS7, the first iOS version which is designed by Jony Ive and his team. Before this keynote there were a lot of rumors if Apple will make a big change and will follow the trend of flat design. Now we all can see that this is definitely huge step.

Wrong or right direction?

I kind of like the design approach and most of the features are pretty cool. I think Ive and his team took a lot of inspiration from the latest Android designs (which are really nice, I think) but they are missing consistency. Just have a look at all the new icons:

Inconsistency in iOS7 icons

Let’s see. I’m really curious to see it in real.

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  1. I also think that they do something wrong with the icons. The new functions are great.

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